Vatel Planet N° 8 in 8 points

The 2016 magazine for the 35 Vatel Campuses throughout the world has just been published! So let’s see what’s new in this year’s edition...

Vatel Planet N° 8 in 8 points

35 years of close and sustainable relationships between Vatel and its partners; this is the new edition’s main theme.

5 testimonials from professionals in hospitality in Asia, the Americas and Europe.

4 concrete examples of partnerships between Campuses and their environment: debates about responsible tourism at Vatel Buenos Aires, the “Tourism Trophies” in Lyon, “the Vatel Meetings” in Mauritius, the Vatel Business Case created by Dov Sebban at Vatel Paris and duplicated at Vatel Lyon, Vatel Brussels and Vatel Tel Aviv.

7 Campuses represented in our not-to-be-missed “Who’s Who” section for Vatel professors:  Buenos Aires, Singapore, Madagascar, Moscow, Brussels, Bordeaux & Hunghshan.

2 new  Vatelien Success Stories from India and Thailand.

6 2015 alumni who tell us about how they started their professional lives.

3 Vateliens who write articles:   Pierre-Yves Le Gal who compares a hotel room to a chicken, Emilie Ehrman who brings us in the midst of special events in Barcelona and Paul Barthe, the Sofitel Bogota Victoria Regia General Manager who tells us about his opinion on tourism in Colombia and jobs to be had.

36 100% Vatel pages you can read here and in all the Press Rooms of the Group’s internet school sites.



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