Malek Ayad’s seven stars

A Vatel 2006 alumnus, Malek Ayad is currently the Operations and Development Manager of two three and four-star hotels in Algeria: Seven stars, 300 keys and one great Success Story!

Malek Ayad’s seven stars

“I chose Vatel because of the mixture between theory and practical work. And when you take the quality of the curriculum into account and the School’s application structures, it’s easy to understand why more and more young students decide to attend Vatel rather than another hotel management school. Personally, I understood right away that Vatel’s “hands-on” approach would allow me to assimilate much more rapidly what I had been studying in the classroom. You quickly learn how to be operational, and solutions to hotel issues that you are confronted with on a daily basis, are much more concrete.

Once I had my exams, I founded “AM Management” in Bordeaux.  This is a consulting and service agency specialized in hotel management. This is the context in which in 2009, I carried out a quality audit for the owners of the Sabri four-star Resort: 138 rooms and 86 apartments, opened in August, 2008 in Annaba on the Algerian coast. Once I had finished my report of recommendations, the shareholders asked me to put them in place personally. And that’s what I did as of March, 2010 as the General Manager. I held this job until December, 2012. And that’s when I was appointed Operations and Development Manager for the group. After that, they asked me to assume management of the Rym El Djamil three-star hotel, with 76 rooms and suites. And I love my job!

Now I’m responsible for a total of 300 keys, including rooms, suites and apartments in three and four-star hotels. That means that I supervise the work of the two hotel managers as well as the executive teams of both hotels. My goal is a double one here: making sure our services continually improve and our revenues increase, without forgetting about optimizing the synergism between these two hotels. The other part of my jobs consists in maintaining a direct liaison with the owners in order to draw up strategies, expansion opportunities and short and mid-term development projects.

Algerian hotels are thriving because this is just the beginning for us and the Algerian State is making their development a priority for the upcoming years. And like in many countries, Vatel’s reputation opens many a door and Vateliens have a host of opportunities.”




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